Writing courses in UCD

Comments on Patricia O’Reilly’s Writing Courses

  • I absolutely love this class! I’ve been coming since 2009 and have gone from newbie writer to published author and the classes played a huge part in this.
  • I have been at a couple of creative writing courses and this is by far the best
  • … a weekly fix for writing motivation
  • …the course was very honest and practical
  • I will suffer from withdrawal symptoms now
  • The class was informative, educational and fun…

UCD Taster Week – Mon 20 August to Friday 24 August 2018. Tying into National Heritage Week (18-28 August) This year’s theme is Sharing Stories
On Tuesday 21 August at 12.50 pm I’m giving a talk/Questions and Answers in UCD. Titled Memories.


Writing Workshops 2018-2019

Autumn Term 2018 – Wed 26 September to Wed 28 November

Spring Term 2019 – Wed 3 January to Wed 20 March

Where: UCD Blackrock Campus,Dunlaoghaire, Co Dublin

When: Wednesday mornings 10.00 am to 12.00 pm

Autumn Term 2018 – How to Write Successful Fiction (1)

Writing fiction is an adventurous act best served by nudging aside reality, a word at a time. The 10 weeks of this course focus primarily on developing skills to create strong story lines and facilitate structural planning.

Spring Term 2018 – How to Write Successful Fiction (2)

Writing fiction is an adventurous act best served by nudging aside reality, a word at a time The 8 modules of this course concentrate primarily on developing page-turning characters, sourcing prime locations, developing visual eras and continuing nurturing of literary style.

Aims & Objectives

The aim of these courses is to assist writers to realise their writing ambitions and potential by finding and using their skills to create powerful fiction. This is the type of fiction that is successful in today’s literary market. The courses suit beginners who dream of writing through to writers working on projects and published writers. Sessions are arranged to allow time for writing, and constructive, individual and group analysis of participant’s work.
As well as being an adventure, writing fiction is an acquired skill, nurtured by tapping into:

  1. Life experiences
  2. Stream of consciousness exercises
  3. Studying media stories

Tips of the trade and how to devise and write page-turning plots which includes plot arc, the importance of opening sequence and learning how to structure plots are all explored.

Other key factors covered include exploration of various genres; story viewpoint; narrative v dialogue; hints on showing rather than telling; optimising on tense; exploring and nurturing the voice of the writer; as well as style and technique; and analysis of the literary creativity of successful writers

These courses are tailor-made to suit emerging as well as more established writers interested in writing novels and short stories for print as well as radio. Only requirement is an interest in writing good fiction. The core strengths of the courses are analysis of writers’ work, group participation and discussion.