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Writing Courses

Writing Courses tailor-made to suit participants

*Excellent course with a committed and extremely competent leader
*Relaxed and full of valuable content
*The course was an enjoyable social and learning experience with a great communicator and teacher.
*Very suitable for those who have an idea for writing a novel and need to learn the skills to achieve their goal, and the encouragement to pursue it.

Bray Literary Festival
Advanced Fiction with Patricia O’Reilly – Sunday 29 September 2019

Writing Fiction requires a blend of creativity and learned skills. During this workshop we’ll look into methods of improving and developing the foundations of fiction – optimizing plot (storyline); scene development; building on detail; creating page-turning characters; using optimum locations and pinpointing era. We’ll look into perfecting point of entry; building on detail; the power of the senses; the values of narrative versus dialogue.

Irish Writers Centre
Writing Historical Fiction with Patricia O’Reilly – Saturday 9 November 2019

Successful historical fiction is good fiction and good history – described as ‘history set to music’. During this one-day course we will explore: (i) characters that existed versus fictional characters (ii) historical situations versus created situations. Both require strong plotlines and credible characters in settings with period details that capture the spirit, manners, and social conditions of the persons or time(s).

UCD Lifelong Learning 2019 – 2020:
Autumn Term 2019 – Writing Fiction (1)
Spring Term 2020 – Writing Fiction (2)

The purpose of the AUTUMN and SPRING COURSES is to assist writers to find, nurture and use their story-telling skills to best advantage. Writing fiction for today’s market is an acquired skill with focus on strong storylines, page-turning characters and atmospheric locations, as well as knowing the best methods of research, era identification and gripping themes. The sessions are tailor-made to appeal to emerging writers, writers already working on projects and published writers. The only requirement for attendance is a love of words and an interest in writing fiction.