Lecture on Life of Eileen Gray

THE BISEXUAL love life of Eileen Gray from Brownswood was touched on during the lecture on the career of the internationally renowned designer given by novelist Patricia O’Reilly in a Strawberry Fest lecture at Enniscorthy public library on Saturday.

Ms Gray was brought up on the outskirts of Enniscorthy but spent most of her life in France, and did her best to ensure that details of her personal life did not make their way back home.

Patricia O’Reilly told how, with the backing of an immense family fortune, she could afford to set up a lossmaking boutique to sell her furniture and rugs in a fashionable suburb of Paris.

She was infatuated by night club singer Marisa Damia.

Later, she became intimately involved with a Romanian architect called Jean Badovici.

His talents were useful as Eileen set about building her unique house at the Med near Nice.