On-Line Editing Service – Professional Help for Writers

This On-Line Editing service has resulted in several writers being published. There is an abundance of writing talent out there – isn’t it said there’s a book in every Irish person? The majority of people know how to write their first draft – but, vibrant as that first draft may be, it can be raw.

With the changes in the economic climate and especially in the business of publishing, publishers are looking for edited manuscripts, i.e., print-ready copy. Few emerging writers have the ability and necessary skills to bring their work up to the today’s publishing standards. Professional editing can make the difference between publication and rejection.

If you are interested in availing of my On-Line Editing Service, submit to patriciaoreilly100@gmail.com the opening 500 words of your manuscript. Send as Microsoft Word attachment, ‘polished’ to best of your ability – stating whether novel, short story or play – there is no fee for this.