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Patricia O’Reilly is the author of eleven books, and lectures on writing in UCD

Paris 1972. Eileen Gray, now in her 90s, is the newly rediscovered darling of the international media. Bruce Chatwin, young, rising star of Fleet Street, comes to interview her. She dislikes and distrusts reporters but Bruce intrigues her by asking about Le Destin, the screen that first brought her fame in 1913 and now again. She enjoys retelling the story of its creation and his company, but is adamant, ‘There will be no interview’…
The Interview is a compelling story about what happens when a reclusive designer meets a charming reporter. It will be enjoyed by all readers. The Eileen Gray story has universal appeal and there is worldwide curiosity about this elegant, elusive, bisexual artist of aristocratic Irish heritage. Note the rush of media interest in her and her projects – new film, The Price of Desire; various documentaries, as well as long-running retrospectives at Centre Pompidou, Paris and IMMA, Dublin and a permanent exhibition at The National Museum of Ireland.

“Alongside Joyce, Wilde and Beckett, Eileen Gay is to the very fore of those Irish creative artists who in the 20th century supped at, whilst also replenishing the well of genius in the Paris of their time.

And if Beckett was later to drive an Irish Red Cross ambulance in St Lo in Normandy immediately after World War II - having been a Resistant during the conflict - then let us remember too that the dashing Eileen Gray, as well as flying airplanes, drove an ambulance in France during World War I.”

Remarks by President Michael D Higgins at the Opening of the Eileen Gray Exhibition in Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2013.


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