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The Interview

Paris 1972. Eileen Gray’s Destiny Screen sells at auction for the highest price ever paid for a ‘modern’ antique. After living reclusively for decades, the Irish designer and architect now in her 90s, is the reluctant darling of the international media. She is adamant, she will not be interviewed.
Bruce Chatwin, rising star of Fleet Street, charms his way into her apartment and spends two hours with her. During their conversation, they recognise parallels between their lives and a connection between their souls. But why is his interview not published?

In this brilliant new novel, Patricia O’Reilly explores the facts and imagines what happened between the two.

…’brilliantly evocative…a daring act of literary ventriloquism’ –  Mail on Sunday, Dermot Bolger
‘….brilliantly second-guesses the meeting’ – Sunday Times, Cristin Leach Hughes
‘… fascinating and well rendered…O’Reilly unlocks the enigmatic artist…’  – Irish Times, Sarah Gilmartin
‘… an elegant book, atmospheric and engaging’ – Sunday Independent, Anne Cunningham
‘…Gray’s beguiling voice dominates the novel…a fictional but convincing account…’  – Historical Novel Review, Gordon O’Sullivan


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